Stupid updates

Alright. I have blender 2.46 as I’m sure most of us do now. But for some reason the effects button has been removed or moved elsewhere. It used to be in the constraints tab in object mode but it’s no longer there. Any help please?

The effects have now been separated into two buttons. One is physics (Water cloth soft bodies ect) and the other is the new particle system.

Yea that’s what I thought happened but the ‘wave’ effect is nowhere to be found. I’ll keep looking. thanks for your help.

Wave is a modifier

By this he means that it can be found in the Modifier Menu in the Modifier Panel of the Editing Context (F9).

Perhaps the documentation would be of help to you. It would seem you haven’t used Blender in a long time (like the 2.2x series or something ;)). You can find it here:

yea it’s been quite a while. Thanks again everyone for your help. I’ll let you know the updates and I’ll probably have some more questions. Again, it’s been quite some time.