stupid viruses...please help

K, i went on to download a torrent patch for a game i play…then it said to run CA.exe…then my computer lagged alittle … as noarmal…then i tried typing to my friend on msn as usual but when i started typing this erroe message came up…it said ca.exe as the title then it said “get off my computer” so i was like wth so i continued typing…well continued TRYING to type but the error kept on coming up…finally it said u have been warned…so i was like “oh crap…” my computer shut down…i rebooted then there were some type of system restricitions…like at schools…but this is worse…i cannot OPEN ANYTHING…except for folders and some common windows applications…so now im on my moms computer trying to explain this to you guys…PLEASE HELP ME!!! or else im in massive shit cause im not allowed to go on the internet cause i downloaded too much and yet im stupid ebough to download for the last time and it turns out to be a virus :smiley: (sarcastic smile) really :frowning: help pleaseeee

blender spartan

You have to give more specific information about the program.

Here are some tips for the future:

  1. Get a firewall/antivirus program like zonealarm or mcafee.
  2. Don’t go to random sites and download/run executables, Especially if they are for cheat/hacks…


Cor this is so uncalled for. I must remind myself not to run *.exe’s from randoms sites in future.

A long shot, but try to boot up in safe mode and do a system restore or remove the program.

Oh, and what Farthioner said.

sso lets skip the part that i already told u…i restarted my compputer i went on the start menu to open comabt arms(BTW thats the game i donwloaded the hack for) but then i nnoticed thst my main menu stuff was gone//so i went on my computer to check acount stuff… then i noticed that there was a new account there…i took out the password and i changed the administartor ‘prefrence’ afetr i rebooted and then everything was he same (virus and all) so i went back to accoun t stuff i deletd the acount nothing happened so i came on my moms computer and now im here…: the virus wont let me open shit all i mean N.O.T.H.I.N.G besides folders which i cant open much inside not even wordpad…im guessing u all know wat system restricitons are…bascially its a guest profile thats worse then that …hope ythis cleared it up…prolly didnt but wtv i hope it did… once again please help! and thanks
blender spartan

comabt arms - is this a cool game ?
I’m more into Solataire and shoot em up games myself. Got any you want to recomend to me. Oh - it goes without saying, I won’t be downloading random hacks.

Ok u no u buy new harddrive do somsing wit old one like bloc or open on msdos or linux estrat al u need put antibirus aND ten instal guindows.

Your best bet is too:

  1. Don’t download illegal content &/or hacks
  2. Have a firewall.
  3. Get a virus scanner(Your running Windows it’s a necessity).
  4. Break up your sentences into paragraphs.
  5. Download FireFox & enable spell checker.
  6. Even though this is Off-Topic, talking about something that is potentially illegal is not allowed. That’s probably why your not getting the exact information your looking for.
  7. You can get the game for free from their website, so why are you hacking it?
  8. This Thread has probably been alerted to the Moderators.

i dont find downloading something that on the internet illegal…and hacking is only for when i play with my friends…(i tell em or else its kinda boring and pointless…)oh and btw i dindnt mean i hack i ment patch…sorry…the hack came from my freined but thats not wat caused the virus i know for sure.

Oh, but you did break the law. You are not supposed to be on the internet. Shame on you. Now you get to play the world of s**t game. Boy are you going to love that one!

Here’s what you should try.
Turn off your computer and then turn it on in safemode. Then what you need to do is do a system restore to the point where you didn’t get this ‘hack’. After this, even though your computer may be running correctly, get an antivirus app ASAP to get rid of anything it could have put in your computer [Norton, Mcafee, AVG (which is free and I herd it is good)]. Remember, because it is a virus (more like a Trojan) it could have dupplicated its self (and added other things) and put it all over your computer so deleting the orrigianl may not be good enough.

Now… here’s an idea for the future… don’t get anymore hacks and illegal software/files and you should be virus free.

how do i system restore if i cant open anything from the start menu? i went through my pc briefly and yea…

Err, for the third time, try to boot up in safe mode. You do know how to do that don’t you? If not, you should not be playing around with hacks and such. I suppose you could use your mom’s computer to find out about safe mode, just don’t bork hers up in the process. That gives you the next level in the world of s**t game. It get more challenging there.

Good luck

Install Linux.

yes i no how to go into safe mode…but ive dont do it to often…so im wonering if u can do safemode+system restore all in one…and im not installing linux cause i dont like linux…andthers no point in it…and u can give me a bit of complecated info cause i no abit bout computers…so yea…thanks for the help from the people who actually help and not posted a guy from the simspons saying “ha! ha!”…

Have a look at this:

Use a live cd of linux and run AV stuff from there. None of your windows programs, nor your viruses will be running so they can’t interfere.

If you’re going to use windows, run AV stuff regularly. Many virii don’t show any effects, you’re probably part of a botnet atm.

  1. Download FireFox & enable spell checker.


yes i no how to go into safe mode…but ive dont do it to often…so im wonering if u can do safemode+system restore all in one…

No idea. Why don’t you try instead of asking us? Doing things by yourself can be fun.

Oh, and set up an administrator account and a restricted account. Only use the restricted account unless you HAVE to use the admin one. You’ll stop viruses from being able to do as much damage.

Google ftw"ive+got+a+virus+what+do+i+do"

& don’t download hacks from random sites.

Haha, I found bigbad’s post incredibly helpful, it stopped me from telling you how dumb you were about this :slight_smile:

People have already given you all the tips you need, so ‘complicated info’ isnt gonna happen. With the amount of info youve given us, theres nothing else we can really advise.

Also, stop trying to defend yourself, you did something questionable/illegal, and now you’re paying for it.

The end. Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson.

Stay in school.

how do u want me to give you more info…there is none…and i dont get why u people think im stupid…if ure gonna say stupid unusful things just dont say it…i would love to tell you off but im prolly gonna get banned or something…which reminds how do i no its a virus…how come mcafee isnt picking it up if it is?..thanks anyway