Stupid Warnings in 2.33

I want to update my Scripts for Blender 2.33. Now, i receive some Warnings in the Dos-Box, like this:
warning: integer argument expected, got float
This comes without any Line-Number and i don’t know where to fix this. What can i do? Can i trace my Script somehow, or is it possible to disable such Warnings?
Thanks for Help, Doc

Blender python errors that stop the interpreter tend to highlite the line that caused the error.

I cannot find the string ‘got float’ anywhere in the blender source. This makes me suspect it comes from Python itself and not blender.

Whoa! look at this! Grepping thru the python source reveals this exact message. You are passing a float where an int is expected. But you already knew that.

Maybe a well placed print statement or two could narrow down the location?

I have it! With two Printout’s i sneaked to the Conflict-Location. In my Case it was GUI-Buttons with Float-Coordinates. In 2.25, this was not a Problem. ???
Thanx, Doc