Dear Community,

After posting once about a job offer the thread was then locked up so i made another thread. Not long after that it said that my account was banned because i had 3 accounts…i only had one:mad:. The two other accounts would have been my brothers and i do not feel that i should be banned because he made 2 accounts…why 2 i have no idea. The reason i posted the job offer in the off-topic section was because i was unsure of which section i had to post it into and no one corrected me on this so i assumed that it was alright.

My other user name was Silent_Assassin. So i am asking… which category should i post a job offer ?.. even though i feel that i don’t need to now because i have already done so twice before.


elite, truechaos, silent_assassin, and chaoticdragon are all your accounts, all posting from the same IP, and all posting the “same” question, they are also all your first posts.

Fankly we get these requests every week. and most of the time they are scam artists, not game, movie, or any other type of artists.

three accounts from the same IP, as first posts… yours is the most suspicious situation i hav ever seen. and we don’t have time for it.

we have had people ripping people off and selling their art. its just not worth anyones time, anyone wanting to get involved in a project, already is. we have high standards for allowing “any” request for help thread to remain unlocked. and yours has not met any of them.


p.s. actually you had 4 threads posted before any of them were locked, i was the one who locked them and i saw them all in a row on the forums.


Yes but only 2 posts were made by me…one extra because one of them was locked for some reason i dont know why…

well i guess i should just confirm so i dont seem suspicious that THIS account (TrueChaos) will be my only account since my other one was banned :(. Any other accounts would be my brother… and i am 100% NOT a scammer and i am indeed serious about my work.

what exactly are these “standards” that you speak of…would be nice to actually know something like that before i go any further


Alltaken (and every other serious member of this board), we are getting ads, scams and below-standard requests for projects every week. Is there not a way we can ensure members are here because they want to be part of the Blender community and not to in some way profit from us? I’ve heard suggestions before.

Charlesworth999 Well i don’t know of any way to ensure anything when its a public forum.

TrueChaos you need to realise its a weekly occurance. you need to stand out from the rest.

You are “pitching” or trying to “sell” your idea to others. Just like a job interview, CV, commercial, or anything else, you need to get someones attention. You can do that as follows:

  1. Have an existing post count, so people know you are a “real” member and not just someone taking advantage. This is of course not always possible, but is the easiest way to be listend to.

  2. Show a substantial amount of previous work when requesting others to help in a project. People will follow those who are really committed and its proven they are committed. I personally recomend at least 1 months previous work, or evidence of it.

  3. Link to a pre-made structured website, or project page that proves its real and effort is being spent on it.

  4. Write your request with as much background information as possible.

  5. Structure your request visually well, breaking it up into sections, and titling each.

  6. Don’t ask for someone to email you for confirmation… people need to know you are committed to coming back and checking your posts. Otherwise you could be posting at every 3d art forum on the net and expecting people to roll in from everywhere and work for you for free… pyramid scheme anyone.

Good luck with a successfull proposal. We have a Zero tollerance policy on poor proposals. We have let in a few proposals this year, but it is in the ratio of about 1-50


Well i dont see myself posting here much since i am already a member of the 3dgamestudio forums…(im using this engine for my project) and i have already posted some images of my work…and i guess i will continue to do so to at least get some attention ;)…i dont have a website for this project since the site would appear to be empty at this current time…and assuming from your recent post i guess i didn’t structure my request well enough lol…but if i manage to find some spare time over the next couple of days i will be happy to write a post giving complete details about my project up to date.

p.s please do not ban this account or even lock this thread ( i will use it to post my work …unless you want me to post it in another thread in another category…if thats true then just say so)

Sincerely Nick

Its fine posting it here, i was not going to lock this one anyway, giving someone a chance is important.


Perhaps it is an idea for Goofster to add a jobs section with specific rules in the future, but I wonder if enough jobs are offered to warrant it.

i have a suggestion

look throu the posts that arent locked for this topic

such as my post, it wasnt really for recruitment reasons but to get the community to know that out teams project is in progress and people who are interasted can join

you can take a look at this and then write something of the same for your project

Thats all cool then…

nice work you have in that thread there vitality…looks really great…

well i am glad that this minor problem has been resolved…and i will continue to post work on my project over time and like i said before…i would be really grateful if people would like to help out with this project and i guess that while im here i might as well comment on other peoples work as well :wink:


Hey Alltaken, maybe it would be possible to set up a system like on CGtalk, where the first few posts of new users are moderated and filtered, of course this would mean more work for you guys though.

yes we are very short of mods right now. they have been dropping like flies (not litterally, but just leaving)


lol id take the position of a mod if some1 gave it to me lol

been active on the forums daily :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, how does somebody become a mod?

heres an idea:

don’t let new users post NEW threads until after like 20 posts, then we know if they actually care about art enough to critique, and if they just start spamming to get their count up to 20 posts, it can be brought to the attention of a mod. (this would have to exclude at least the help forum(s).)