Stupidia Main Street Buildings (Myx Golden Noodles)

This was actually the first building I made in this friend building series, made after my girlfriend! On the day she got her first job at a noodle place I asked her “Do you want me to make you your own noodle place on my main street?”, she loved the idea and then this whole lineup started! So technically I have her to thank for the inspiration for all this, I planned on posting this one a couple days ago but I had to work on a big gift for my little brother’s birthday, anyways I hope you like it!

A video tour!

Once again, all the weird references are just to things about her and things she’s done/inside jokes of ours, like the teddy bear at the top is her real life teddy bear, she’s incredibly good at drawing photorealistic things and even drew a ton of our friend’s eyes just for a joke, her favorite flowers are roses so I made the BEST roses I could possibly make(my computer didn’t like them but whatever), she has a stash of chocolate hidden in her room so I put one under the counter, etc etc etc


I bet she’s thrilled! And those roses are pretty great.


It made her so happy and excited, I just had to make one for every one of my friends! So far every one of them that I’ve asked has wanted one and I’ve done 4 or so at this point! The reaction makes the work 100% worth it!