Stupidia Main Street Buildings (Silly Sally's Sewing Company)

This was actually the FIRST building I made in the entire series, before I got the idea to make them about friends/family etc. A small family run sewing shop with clothes made 100% by hand and 100% with love! The clothes are fairly basic right now, I might come back in and add designs to the front of them in the next update. Before posting this one I went in and added a ton of the paintings, the signs, the yarn strewn across the ceiling, and the painting on the window. Since this was my first it was EXTREMELY basic and still is very low poly/basic so I plan on updating this one a good bit! It’s one of the older businesses in Stupidia, it’s been passed down throughout the family as time has gone on!

By the by yes! I added a transparent shader to the front window and side window so they are transparent, it’s just that I can’t really go into rendered mode very easily anymore with this computer, and getting a low quality noise ridden rendered image takes 45 minutes or more! So I just took a screenshot of both the inside and outside of it so you could see the mannequins and how the painting goes around them. I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful wonderful day!


Hello… very nice modeling and texturing on the shop! the billboards on it are also nice touch
very original in my opinion if you are looking for some feedback

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Thanks! Means a lot to me!