Stupidia Main Street Buildings (Violet Binder Bookstore)

Another completed addition to my main street entourage! Took a while because I wanted to be a bit better with the updates I put on the other buildings before making this one. This one is for my friend Violet, one of my oldest friends. She writes plentiful stories and in her past would sometimes force me on calls to be able to read them to me to get her opinion on them, I didn’t mind whatsoever and actually had fun listening while I animated and just made random artwork!
So, when it came time to make her bookstore as she requested I had to make the different areas based off of her and her works! The way the building works is you have several different types of books they sell, all represented by different “chapters” of the store! Above each building lies a book sign showing the featured stories! P.S. Sadly I didn’t make all the books listed on the “featured” sign above each chapter physicals, they’re more just to reference and show inside jokes that we share between us both from a long time ago and now.

The outside!

Violet Binder Books 5

Chapter one: Slice of Life stories represented by a highschool dance banner, apartment buildings serve as the setting to house these quiet and calm to drama filled stories!

Chapter 2: Adventure! A beached pirate ship (based off her character Alex) has landed on the island of the crazy cat lady, on the island they found a treasure of unfathomable wealth, books and knowledge!

Chapter 3: Historical Novels! From musicals transformed into literatures, historically significant works, these books range from fiction to nonfictions novels of times of olde!

Chapter 4: Fantasy and magic! This set in particular was the first piece I made for the inside, it is a mix of Hogwarts, the academy from The Owl House, and pieces of the castle from the game Royal High. All things Violet loves/loved, it is her personally made castle(I hid the bookshelves to get better shots)!

Chapter 5: Victorian stories! These stories are as pompous as they are rich! The big Victorian house/castle is the middle split of the store, on one side lies the area where the fantasy area stays and on the other is where the Victorian side lies! Again the bookshelves are hidden to better showcase the houses themselves.

Chapter 6: Payment! Give us your money. Basically just shows everything you can pay with! People here buy everything including the kitchen sink!

This is the inside of the display cases outside! It shows all the ACTUAL books I made physically! They’re all parodies of the stories she made! The reason one of them is called cringe is because when I asked her for all her OLD story names she just said “THEY’RE ALL CALLED CRINGE. CRINGE CRINGE AND MORE CRINGE.” So I made that into a painted book for her too!

(ignore that these ones have display shelves that aren’t painted!)

By the way, all the books shown in the display cases are hidden throughout the store in the areas that fit them best, made that a bit of an Easter egg hunt for my friend to find which she enjoyed! I hope that you enjoyed this building, I loved building a modeling all the main attractions, especially that castle I had so much fun making that one-
I hope you have a great day and enjoyed! This is version 1.0 of Violet Binder Bookstore :open_book: Until next time, goodbye!


What fun for Violet! And what a great, imaginative idea. I’d love if there were a bookstore like this in real life near me.

Bathroom → 1m, * chortle *.

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Thanks thanks! I can’t wait to make my next building soon! (Also glad you enjoyed my bathroom sign LMAO)

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