stwitching back to linux

Hello blenderheads, thinking of switching back to linux, i’m currently on windows 7 64bt:
here are the questions

  • which is the best Linux distro for linux(i’ve got ubuntu or arch linux in mind)

  • which window manager is effective(openbox/fluxbox)[LIST=1]

  • i’m looking for a window manager that is compatible with offical AMD linux gpu drivers(i’ll be installing my own directly from AMD website)

  • does blender VSE render final sequence faster depending on the number of cores(i.e. renderfarming on Amazon EC2)

  • has anyone tried Novacut is gpu accelerated in terms of final render

  • the distro must be compatible with Trust flex graphic tablet

  • im not a linux noob

  • i’m already familier with ubuntu but am looking into other distros

  • the need for speed
    Thanks in advance

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