hey guys wha sup. I’m in the progress in making a little mini video type intro in realtime and through the process my buddy questioned me on my “STYLES” that ive come up with. One, which is just a regular-textured one. The other which has a cell-body-kind-of-like-style, it’s not really perfect…why, well download it and check it out:

and then let me know…Ok…oK. :smiley:

OH plus used the: 1, 2, SPACE, Alt, and Ctrl KEYS to mess around with it.


Really cool animation but playing with the arrows doesn’t works. Bytheway how did you made a mirror in the game animation because I really don’t know how to make that in a game. I know how to make it in a still or animation, is this the same?? And how did you get real shadows into the game animation the only thing I know is fakeing them with a plane. I’ll hope you can help me or send me to a tutorial (Url). :stuck_out_tongue: I vote for texture.

The poll says it all… for now…
The cell shading is actually good… though it messes up sometimes (ahhh… what would i do to have shading like Nintendo’s new Zelda…) anyways… with a little work… or maybe more… it can turn out better…

But I stick to Textured mode now…

I like the textured mode better. The edge draw in blender doesnt seem that impressive in realtime…or maybe its just me.
Cool character BTW. I’d like to know how you got reflections too. Please tell me thats not just a dupplicated mesh up-side-down.

I have to go with cell, because it just looks soooo cool. I don’t even know how you did it. Did you have to get into the opengl modules, or is it just an impressive mix of the old invert-normals trick along with simple textures and good lighting?

guys is nothing that difficult at all to do, I don’t even know coding at all. it’s the techniques that blender can do, and come on i’m sure you guys would be able to figure it out. i’ma give you a little bit more time to examine it. thats how I learned in the first place. also if some of you are selecting that links and does not work, just simply copy & paste it to the address bar.

-PS. about the Cell style, remember the reflection effect thats available for textures…well imagine just two simple colors, one light light and one dark.

Now that I take a look at your file… hehehe… :slight_smile:
I was expecting a fancy python script and else… but… it was simpler than I thought (I always tend to komplikate myself)… very nice… Would have never though of using reflections like you did… very nice indeed…

Hehe, awesome. Nice trick:) Too bad it’s not “real” cell shading, but it still looks cool.

it looks really cool, imperssive indeed
the characters look very high in polygons… i dont know if its just my comp or not… but the cell character runs kinda slow… or choppy on my comp

the cell definately looks better, im lead to believe that the floor is a tga file, where a part of it is trasparent. i guess u just duplicated the main character, fliped it upsidedown, put it below the ground and say ctrl will make them both play a jumping animation,

looks pretty good, so i guesse ur gonna make a fighting game for the contest?

… contest? :o

Cell shading all the way!

The blendergames contest had been going on for about half a year. Go to and you can find info there.