styleish cartoon character

This is my first finished project and now im learning about animation so if youd like crit my model and my animation thanks!

any suggestion for use of my character Would be greatly appreciated too im kinda trying to figure out something to do with him …???


Very nice image.
I myself suck at Blender’s Render Engine So I have to say very nice render :wink:
And very nice animation :wink: Keep up the good work :wink:

I have no crits, except the lighting is way too bright. Cool character, smooth animation…

Very good design yes, but a little too much diffusion. I would also like to see some different angles too. Excellent walk cycle too. (most sane artists have a fear of animating a walk cycle lol)

this might help, although it was for 2.31

the glow in the animation and picture are simulating him being outside also they are only scene effects no diffusion here . I just added the scene effect glow. it is abit strong but I like it . just think of a sunny day and him being outside

maybe ill make a scene like that