Stylised Gun

This is created entirely in blender, and rendered with cycles. Criticism welcomed

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first i thought it’s a cartoonish musket, but the gun barrel looks so diffrent. I wonder what it shoots? maybe sound waves?
for my taste the wood is a bit too glossy. it looks like it was just oiled.
Besides that, it’s a nice fantasy weapon :slight_smile:

Looks steampunk-ish.

Awesome btw.

Nice! I think the butt plate is a tad small, but this is modeled after a blunderbuss right? That gun had this kind of barrel and a short stock. :wink:

Very nice. Personally I like the polished wood, maybe a good addition would be an ammo chain with some sort of clockwork mechanism?

Thanks for all the replies everyone.
@PhoenixSmith: Yep, it’s modelled after a blunderbuss.
@Dark Matter: I’m basically calling this done, but I might do a couple of similar weapons like a machine gun, which could include the ammo chain

well I like it
looks enough like a gun to know its a gun
but odd enough to be a gun from a different space/time etc
well done look forward to seeing more

Looks like a more realistic version of a trumpet gun from dark cloud 2. Except the blunderbuss version; in DC2 it was a pistol.
Very good though, I quite like it. The materials look great.

for my taste the wood is a bit too glossy. it looks like it was just oiled.

I personally disagree with this, though on a more realistic gun that would likely be true (The wood would look more flat, less specularity). I think it adds to the look of the gun to have it seem so polished.
What will it be used for, if you don’t mind me asking?

Great work! I like steampunk and I like your gun. What about a nice surrounding scene for it?

@heddheld: Thank you very much. I might well make more guns of this style.
@und3c1ph3r3d: I’m glad you like the materials. I personally like the polished look to the wood too (hence my reason for doing it), but it’s nice to hear a variety of feedback.
@glooblooz: Thanks! What kind of scene did you have in mind?