Stylish icons

ive seen loads of people that have these, but i cant figure how, this is definately 2.49.
Look at the stylish icons, how i get them?



First thing you need to do is download the 2.4x series of stylish icons from here :

Once you have the icons you need to go inside your .blender directory.

In that directory make another directory calls icons.

Copy into the icons directory the 2.4x icons file you downloaded from the link above.

Once that is done you need to goto your preference window, click the themes button. And then select the UI and Buttons theme option and in the box that appears below that, select the Icon File option. On doing this the newly copied icon file should be listed as one of the icon type you can use.

To change the style of drawn buttons you also have to select the Ui and Buttons section again but this time the box below should be set to Drawtype. When this is selected you can select that type of buttons that will be drawn in Blender.

Don’t forget after doing all this if you want to save the settings to do control U, to save default settings otherwise they will be lost the next time you start Blender.

I put it in that folder i created, and i only get the optoin ‘Built-in’


On linux at least there is a possibility of there being more than one .blender directory, there is one where ever blender was extracted to and another .blender directory in your home directory. All the instructions above will only work if done in the .blender directory which is in your home directory. If there isn’t a .blender directory in your home directory copy the .blender directory to your home directory and all should work.

For windows I’m not sure but check if there is more than 1 .blender directory and if there is copy your icons directory over to the other. Then try reloading Blender and seeing if the icons show up then in the themes section.