Stylization Practice Progress 2020-2021 and Sculpting Advice

This is where I currently am working on stylization of the human head. Below are the steps I took to get to this point, and some ways I am trying to improve…

This is what my original stylized head (attempt) looked like.

I know, it looks creepy as hell.

Back then I was inspired by JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure’s iconic style, but now I am trying to develop my own unique style by bringing together as much as I can from art I find both satisfying and beautiful.

In order to grow, I took a class on sculpting realistic portraits in clay. I don’t have a picture of what I made, but I spent 2 months working on a self portrait in clay, and I learned from a really experienced teacher. However, my portrait at the end was still kind of weird. Plus, not all the methods transferred to blender sculpting.

Here are some things that helped me with learning head sculpting in Blender…

Learning Reference first:
This was my biggest mistake when I started, I tried to copy style from already stylized images without a foundation in the anatomy that the styles were based on. This caused me to make really creepy distortions in my art that made my art unsettling. Later, a friend told me to sculpt a skull. Doing so multiple times gave me a huge insight on how facial anatomy work, and it allowed me to grow incredibly rapidly.

this is the 2nd skull I sculpted, and after I memorized the general bone structure of the human head, I was immediately able to go on and make my own style choices.

1 Hour Sculpting Challenges:
After I got the anatomy basics down, I remembered a video by Yansculpts, a very inspiring art Youtuber. He recommended to try sculpting, even if only for less than 1 hour, every single day. For a long time, I sculpted a new head every single day, each day, I picked a different goal for what I wanted to accomplish. I eventually started churning out quick portraits in under an hour. Of course they were unpolished, but the speed that I was able to work at was what my goal was.

Some 1 hour sculpts that I was able to do.

Don’t focus on trying to create a finished/publishable product:
At first I wanted to just sculpt a base head that I would slap onto some quickly made bodies and create some kind of animation. However, I realized very quickly that it was going to take time for me to output something worth posting. Learning sculpture takes time. You must constantly create new goals for yourself in order to keep on growing. Currently, my goals are to learn more about the rest of the human body in order for me to be able to sculpt completely original characters and to do portrait body sculptures.

Bonus: Here are some projects that I was able to create only 5 months after starting to learn head sculpture on my own. I don’t feel that these are worth posting on their own because I am still working on learning and polishing what I have learnt to make.