Stylized Animation by PIXAR (cool video inside)

Just blows me away. Wanted to share and see if it could inspire anyone. Apologies for repost if this is old! Go about a minute in to see the magic at work

The paper:

Seems to me like they’re kind of missing the point. Handmade animation in the styles that are presented wouldn’t be temporally coherent - that’s part of what makes it interesting in the first place.

If the example with the red guy wasn’t a “hasty” animation, it would look very weird, like the other examples.

They do have the look of hand painted shading without the flickering that usually accompanies it. Looks like a step beyond cell shading.

I have been a part of an NPR group at facebook:

There the developer of freestyle and some other NPR enthusiasts have been posting different NPR research papers. This was one of the most interesting ones that was posted so far. :slight_smile:

I want to know what is “temporal coherent” in this paper’s context. And freestyle needs it.

I think it means that it doesn’t vary from frame to frame, which would cause flickering and jitteryness.

ETA: Advance to 1:50 in the vid to see this.

Steve S