Stylized character animation : need criticism please

EDIT : Here is my progress. I corrected some parts of the animation, added sound, music and an intro.

Mon ameme film seul.mkv (3.9 MB)

I everyone!

I’m currently working on a personal project. I’m at the point where I need someone else to look at it because I can’t see the problems anymore. I would love to have constructive comments and criticism to help me improve movement and timing. I did not add the sound to the video because the timing is not final. It a mascot for a friend :stuck_out_tongue: I created the character for this project and it’s animated with Blendrig5.

Here is the video :

Stylized character_WIP.mkv (2.8 MB)

Thanks a lot!

And here is some renders of the character :


Seeing only the images, this guy is adorable, and looks funny.
Maybe add more hair and neck.
What I don’t like is the eyes’ sockets, it looks a bit scary. Maybe cuzz there is some sort of a grove around the eye balls.

Thanks for the comment! I will give it a try.
The video is a downloadable file (I didn’t want to put it on youtube because my friend is following me and it’s king of a surprise for him…)

It is a good animation. Nice cartoony movements.

Even being cartoony I would still change some things. In the start when he has his fingers moving they are too straight. They should start curved then go more flat when he starts to rub the hands together. Do the movement yourself and it will give a better idea. When he smacks the hands together later there is no bounce like there should be when the two hands slap each other that fast.

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Not Bad! :+1: :+1:

After watching the video:
He moves good. And is energetic.
One thing I noticed, when in hug pose, fingers are slightly apart from each other and you have two fingers still touching

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This reminds me of Hjalti’s video at the Blender Conference 2019, in which he suggests exactly that to reduce the complexity of the shape of a hand (position 10:09):

Yes! I watched the conference of Hjalti last automn and I was trying to use is concept of hand simplification. I really like the way he teaches.

Me too, it was one of my favorite lectures!

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This should be the final for the moment! I still have some things I could fix but, I believe it’s “good enough”.