Stylized character head - Updated (posed)

The first character I’ve done in blender that’s actually looked half descent…

Next step is mapping and texturing (Shudder!), and then to try and animate this guy… I want to try my hand at lip-syncing.

Crits anyone?


I think it’s pretty good but IMHO it’s too toony. Maybe you want it very toony but atleast there is a sharp thingy under his eyer just below it. Make it smoother or, the better, erase it.

It’s Perfect!

IMHO it’s too toony

The whole point in animation is to bring to life something that doesn’t exist, or cannot be done affectively. Realism is a waste of time… since you can easily take a picture. (unless you are just practicing, and haven’t learned how to cartoon yet, I see no reason to go for realism.)

awsome work methinks. i dont think we see enough stylized 3d art these shouldnt have too much trouble when it comes to the textures if you know what look you are going for.

No point in realism? So in the e.g. Spiderman movies they should have used a toony spiderman? I think one of the reasons to do CG is to bring creatures like werewolfs and dragons to look real.

It all depends on if you want to use cg as a tool or a feature. If it’s a TOOL (Such as in movies like spiderman) then it’s used to enhance existing material. In this case, it has to stay transparent, that is it has to blend in, otherwise it will destroy the over-all realism.

If, on the other hand, you are using it as a FEATURE, then you definately want to give it a bit of a cartoony/un-realistic edge. There are two reasons for this: first, as Calvin pointed out, if you wanted it looking real, you could just take a picture. But more important is how real you can actually make it. In short, nobody has yet managed to make totally realistic cg graphic of a real person (At least in film). That’s not to say that they can’t make them LOOK real, but I have yet to see cg that ACTS real. (Look up the “Uncanny Valley”).

At this time, the only reason to use realistic CG as a feature is as a test, to show off what it can do, such as was the case for the Final Fantasy movie.

Got it skinned, and a basic texture in place…


My point exactly, using CG to bring to life something that doesn’t exactly exist, or cannot be done affectively with actors or stunt doubles.

Got a rough texture (Bit further than last time, still have to do ref and norm maps, and add details), got some hair on, and started rigging for animations.

The only problem that I have with it is that the renderer tends to “Wash out” the colours, severely reducing the effectiveness of the texture…
When it renders, it does several passes, and the first pass always looks good, then it goes back and lightens everything up… Any ideas why?


Model looks really nice. It kind of reminds me of Bug’s Life…

Real sweet, looks great. He, going to be a treat to Animate :slight_smile:


Nice modelling, i really like the style

Only a little crit - the whole face looks soft and round, only the nose
has quite sharp edges and Looks a little more “blocky” than the rest…

Maybe the face would look more evenly or consistent , if the nose was a little more “knobby”…

Looking foreward to see more renders !!!

Looks nice .))) And the wire please .)))

As per request, here’s the wire.

Only a little crit - the whole face looks soft and round, only the nose
has quite sharp edges and Looks a little more “blocky” than the rest…

Now that you mention it… maybe the best thing would be to add some more creases, like around the cheeks… I don’t want to make the nose rounder, then it looses some of it’s distinct style.

Anybody have any ideas about getting rid of the faded look that I mentioned in the last post? It’s really starting to bug me…


Are you using Yafray to render?
If Yafray is set to cache occlusion / irradiance samples, you’ll see it make the cache first, then it will go back and color the image in.
Maybe that is causing what you see.

If you don’t need the features of Yafray, you could try using Blender to render instead.

Good work. Nice clear and bold lines. Looking forward to seeing further progress on this.