Stylized character texture work for short film [one-off]


this is Hadrien, I am making a short movie to spread awareness of erosion in Mayotte and I am looking for a texture artist to create stylized color maps for a character’s entire body (minus a few areas), with a special focus on the face. The character is an ~8yo girl. I don’t need PBR maps, just the color.

Although I am completely open to different visual styles, here are a few pointers/ideas :

I like the fine texture/grain in there :

I like the sharpness here :

I like the brushwork here :

I like the brushwork here as well, although it is perhaps a little extreme :

I’d like to try and keep the image generally smooth, not too busy, have some visible brush strokes, a little texture/spill here and there, looking organic. Nothing too distracting, the toon shading takes care of the rest.

All skill levels are welcome. Please write your application in a private message and include your portfolio with character textures. From there I can give you the exact specifications of the project.

Deadline is pretty relaxed, since I’ll be shipping the film at the end of this year. Ideally I’d like to have it done by july so less re-renders are needed, but it’s flexible.

Finally this is my animation reel :

Cheers !