Stylized character

Hey, long time no post… at least, no new threads in a while. This would qualify as my first reasonably succeeded head. modelling is pretty much done(exept for the inside of the mouth, teeth and so forth). Up next would be texturing… and I suck at that so you’ll probably have a laugh or two:P
I’d love to show any reference images, but I have none, so I can’t… I know I should have used some but… it started as a doodle and ended up like this.
Oh yeah, if anyone has some ideas on how to create teeth and gum and all that, please say so.
Here’s the latest renders:

sup dan, you should post this in a folder so I may looky at it :stuck_out_tongue:

either that or I could mail it to you:P

looks better then i could do! lol really, though the bottom lip light be a little to big…just my opion

His jaw is somewhat sticking forward, plus, the angle makes the lower lip seem bigger than it is. textures are coming, unwrapping as we speak.

Looks great, I’m working on my first head too right now. One thing I’d say is that if you plan on rigging him you may want to make the eyelids more “fleshy”, just fatten them along normals so that they will cover the eyes properly when closed. Also right now the amount of iris exposed makes him look very afraid, or like someone has just grabbed him by the UV spheres. It’s good to model in a more relaxed pose so that when rigging is enabled it allows a better range of expressions, and if the eyes are slightly closed it makes texturing more easy. I like the cartoon look, I think the lips are fine. Check out Ludwig the down loadable character for a good solution to cartoon teeth and mouth.

working on the texture, color-, normal- and specmaps are still very much work in progress, any crits are welcome.

nice! 5 stars

Very nice, though you should probably pull the camera out and zoom it in some. That’ll fix the perspective distortion. Also, the bottom sides of his brows are too low poly. Other than that, it’s very good.

Dan you still have not sent me the wonderful link to a face that I may see, poor form chap, poor form :stuck_out_tongue:

Due to my cat being killed by my neighbour today, I was delayed. Anyway: here’s a little update(perspective fix, and sort of fixed the eyebrow-area)

Sorry about your cat - I posted something earlier on that post. Your picture’s really cool - I’m working on a head too, that I will animate in the distant future, so please keep us updated on when you get to the hair function / stage, may save some time for me!

hehe, you wish, so far, everything I’ve made was bald:P since I suck with particles and alpha mapping

Here’s an update again, I’m still tweaking the sss. Still have to adjust the bump- and specmap.

Looking at the side view, I’d suggest you move the ear forward and down. The ear-lobe typically joins at the top of the visible jaw-line.

Looks good by the way!

Looking a lot better! The only thing that doesn’t look right is lips look too shiny. Specially in the front view. Hope you get it fixed!

I think I’ll be going for a night render so I dimmed the lights a bit… textures still suck atm, working on them.

looks better, with the textures and all!

Great Work. Very Nice head. Good Head. Your 3rd image is looking the best. 1st one is looking like jumby. 3rd one is looking live.

so, dropped the SSS for now, and here’s the latest render: