Stylized Dieselpunk Auto Rickshaw

hi everyone, this is my first post here

I’m playing with a model based on a concept art, its a stylized auto rickshw ,
diesel punk catagery

I have attached the model here, its still in work in progress stage
ill uplode the finished work soon

love you all
keep doing…
dont giveup…


OOOOh I already can see how this is coming real nice

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thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I like it !! going to animate it with a stylized city etc???

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hi, thank you, that’s a good idea … ill try to make an animation …thank you

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I was thinking something like CG Boost…Launchpad with the Rickshaw in the city, ala Stylized Blade Runner :wink:

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that’s a good idea bro, ok first im going to create a lot of vehicles like that after that ill make a scene like that

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nice creativity…

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thank you bro

REally like it, great attention to detail, looking forward to the animation.