Stylized female character


The character face and hair look good, but I have to point out I don’t think any woman is going to leave the house with her overalls falling down and hanging wrong like that. To be blunt, it doesn’t look good like this with the extra bulk falling around the stomach. If this is a cloth sim issue that caused it to fall wrong, I’d redo it with shorter straps.

If this is a “but correctly worn overalls cover the boobs and that’s not attractive issue” then it makes more sense not to do overalls in the first place than to have her dressed improperly. Maybe you’d find a skirt and suspenders more aesthetically pleasing, and more in line with the look you’re going for?

Something like this?

Or this? This one looks similar to the kind of outfit you’re going for (except with the wrong kind of skirt).


Thanks for pointing that out. The goal for these characters is to get it done in a day maximum. I get what you mean tho.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!