Stylized game character creation recommended resources?

I’m getting into game asset and character creation, and I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for resources to get me started and help me along.

I’m looking for:

Supplemental resources:

  • Books
  • Educational websites
  • Courses and tutorials
  • Just plain advice and tips

Functional resources:

  • Scripts and addons
  • Software*
  • Other tools

*Blender will remain my main tool, but I’m open to suggestions if something is significantly superior for a specific use. Hopefully, It’s a one time pay, and not a nasty monthly sub.

Surely you didn’t want to hear this or maybe you already know:
I some day read, heard, saw a advice for drawing, that for really going stylized you need to draw the real thing. Not necessarily knowing anatomy with every name of every muscle but to know the concept about what makes a body (animal, human, monster, alien) “believeable”… (Something like: You have to know the rules… to break them.)
Nevertheless i just did searched a liitle and i liked this link : The Philosophy Behind Creating Stylized Characters – Tutorial Guide … obviously because it’s free :wink: and also found a 10 week course for $998… (not linking)
I’m eager to read other answers/oppinions/testimonials.