stylized gorilla

yet again, i’ve decided to change the design of my gorilla character; this is to be a little closer to the original cartoony design but with better structure. also taking from the basic shape and size of “heavy weapons guy” from team fortress 2. i have yet to actually start modeling the guy, but here’s a concept sketch i scribbled up last night. not sure if i like the face sketch or not, but i do like the overall body.


that looks really great, a bit off topic, a couple of days ago, i saw a car adverstising the ‘David Ward’ driving instructors

yeah i do driving instructing in my off time :stuck_out_tongue:

started modeling the head, not 100% sure on the overall shape… also need to add the ears.


may look interesting as a Yeti.

the forehead is not big enough for a gorilla

worked a little more on him tonight (altho it’s pretty late, didn’t get a LOT done…)

mostly worked on the overall shape of the head and chin. threw in some ear placeholders for positioning purposes, i’ll work those in next.


looking pretty good, I would narrow the width of the nose a little bit, it seems a little too wide.

Besides that this is looking like grade A work. Keep it up!

thanks nav :slight_smile:

worked on the ears, and again pushed and pulled the general shape of the head. i think i’m pretty well satisfied with it now, i just have to go in and start adding/detailing the inside of the mouth.

just playing with the skin color, this is just a procedural texture. he’ll be mapped out later on, i just wanted to get a feel for how he’ll look in the end. oh, and a wire for those interested.


nice modeling!!!

further progression.


I’d say he’s half-human. Perhaps Tarzan got bored? :wink:

namekuseijin naughty boy :wink:

made the rest of the arms and hands, worked on the shoulders/back and head.


finished the legs and feet, had to make the head smaller or he looked like a “little person”. might’ve gotten it too small… what do you guys think?


Cool model, I think that the head size was fine as it was… I would even make it little bigger. however, his facial features are to much human-like, and that is a reason why he appears that way. keep it up! Perhaps the fur will make him more ape- like.

Nice butt. :slight_smile:

Very good, smoothly rounded polygonal skills. :wink:

yes go back to original head size. I love it by the way. so much more streamlined than your previous gorilla. very very well done so far.

oh and can we see some wires?

your initial sketch had nice proportions, use that as a guideline.

forgot i had resized his head since last post, but went ahead and made it a tad bigger. i think it suits him pretty well now. i think i also raised his chest up a little, or tilted it out anyway. i was going to start rigging next, but perhaps i should start texturing next…

@namekuseijin: nice butt? looks a bit flabby to me :stuck_out_tongue: thanks :slight_smile:
@framedworld: here’s your wires