Stylized Gun

My goal for this project was to improve my baking and texturing workflow in Blender.

Original concept by LEGOLIZE IT MAN


I think you have your materialing meathod down !
Would you mind sharing?
If you were creating this as a game asset, you could reduce polycount by a load by applying all modifiers and pressing delete - limited disolve and ramping the angle down to 0.1 .

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Thank you!
Yes, basically I will start by using nodes to generate an edge detection mask and also create an edge wear effect, this only works in cycles so I do 2 versions of the edge wear one more “aggressive” and another one more subtle. After that I bake those versions into textures so I can use them for texture painting while using eevee. For the diffuse map I will start by hand-painting the base colors I want, once that is down, I will add layers of procedural noise to simulate dirty and any other effect I can achieve with nodes. Here is when I will go back and add those edge wear effects too. After that I will create black and white image textures to use as masks I can paint on to decide where I want the noise and edge wear to appear or be more noticeable.
For the other maps I will re-use those details I generated for the color map to drive the roughness, the metalness and the bump. The last thing is to add details and decals using the bump map and if necessary I can just go to the base color texture and hand-paint accordingly.
It ends up being a similar workflow to what I would use on Substance Painter but inside Blender.
Thanks for the suggestion! Wouldn’t that generate n-gons though?


It would, yes. But this isnt really a problem. Everything is translated into tris to be rendered in game. I might want to keep the old highpoly versions of the model incase you want to mod them later though.

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Super nice texturing, thanks for sharing your workflow!

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Thank you!

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I have a question would that cylinder(ammo part) be able to rotate looks as if it would clip and I think its funny how the texture wouldn’t look as good as soon as the cylinder is rotated.