Stylized head

Hello all!

I’ve been working on this thing for the past two days or so, and although I’m satisfied how it’s turning out… I noticed some small annoyances I need to rework:

  • Need to remodel the inner ear.
  • Skin shader needs tweaking.
  • Textures need some work.
  • The thingamajigs (the small remains of what once used to be the third eye lid) in the inner eye are obviously missing.
  • He needs a sweater/shirt or something like it. I have no idea what to do though.
  • He’s bald… obviously, and my PC hates me for rendering a load of particles, so that’s the last thing on my to do list.

Texture maps:




I’m also still wondering whether to use a single layer SSS shader or use a three layer setup.

C&C will be greatly appreciated.

This is a great bit of work!, I’m looking forward to seeing more progess.

In terms of hair - baldness suits him - though eye brows and
lashes are obviously lacking - and will make a huge impact on
his appearance.

The neck anatomy is lumpy - the topology doesn’t follow the
ligament that goes from behind the ear to the collar bone.

Very nice work. I agree, I think he looks good bald. Maybe if he were to have some eye brows it would look better. (I would make them bushy ) I don’t think that Eye brows would take to much on you pc’s part, It should able able to handle them.