Stylized HL2 logo wallpaper...

pure blender

yes, it certainly is stylized
though I wouldn’t say it would fit with half life 2’s style. (not “grungy” enough)

that and it is really pixelated in a number of areas. This could be the fault of blender, but it should be considered (Is that what you intended…?).

and the shadows could do with a higher detail (shadow buf size)

the pixels are due to the material, unfortunetally, OSA doesn’t touch spectacular highlights.

shadows…I spent about 15 minutes trying to smooth them out, no luck…which is weird, usually they don’t give me a hassle…

a little too rounded and the symbol in the center of the circle is a little too small for my taste but thats just my opinion.


Hey thats pretty cool. I like it, it looks like someone spilled some motor oil and it made that shape.

Very cool, its now my wallpaper. Cant wait for the game :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool. 8)