Stylized Knight

Hello there! My first time posting on the new revamped BAF.
I’m sorry if you remember me from before, because i’m here again with yet another new character modeling design WIP… :frowning:
I do appreciate all the previous help though! I’ve learned so much and it’s been such a great time! I could not be at the level i am without you all.

I’m feeling very good about this one so far. i’ve started with alot of character design tutorials and drawing tutorials for planning, and i produced these drawings. The armor is completely undecided, this was just a stand in for now.

I’m not sure what details you want to know about him, but feel free to ask! As always i’m trying to work on not over explaining things and boring people with details.

Anyway, i’ve begun on the head so far and…

I’m really excited about this and i love that it isn’t really a direct copy of anything but really something of my own creation this time.

The hair is a first try test and i already love it, I love the shading method i’ve found for it, but the eyes seem kind of buggy. i think they need to curve around the head more so i’ll try that next.

Anyway, Roast me on it, i wanna make sure other people like it too. You can’t hurt my feelings here, i work at Walmart afterall.

Let me know what you think or any tips ya got :smiley:

I would highly recommend learning to sculpt because this will allow you to forgot about topology for a moment and just perfect the shape of the character. To me it looks like the character was was poly-modeled which is almost never the right move for organic models imo. Also the shape of the eyes are very oval. I would look at some reference to make the shape be a little more thought out. Also the eyes are missing eyelids which will help make it look less bug-eyed.
On character creation in general, even if your end goal is stylized characters it is definitely worthwhile to learn anatomy and realistic proportions. I am in the process of doing this right now and it’s time consuming but very worthwhile. Keep up the good work.

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Well so far you did a great job ! but if doing this project for animation you should consider to modeling the eyelids and close them when you don ! because with that you can control between opening and closing very well . This is my way to go on ! but anyway this not bad , go ahead.

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Hey thanks both of you :slight_smile: Sculpting is something i’ve always wanted to really crack down on. i use to dabble in it with tutorials but always found myself kind of clogged up trying to understand how to get a brush to do what i need it to. I don’t know if trying a different program would help, but i do need to maybe find some tutorials to jump back into that.

You’re right about the anatomy thing. I was trying to study that for a short while (probably only stuck with it for like 3 days T^T" ) and i drew this guy kind of realistic, and then after the fact tried to squish him down. But i could definately go for learning more.

The eyelashes is a very good point! i wouldn’t have thought of adding those in for some time xD

And then also the Eyelids too i forgot i needed that too. Maybe i need to try harder to think ahead :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice start! You’re on the right track.

Hey! Again thanks for that tip! i’m very happy with the looks now that it has some eyelids and eyelashes.
Sorry not much else to update, i still work full time at walmart and my mind is pretty drained at the end of each day -.-
Weekend is almost here though.

Looks Great Bro! You have improved a lot ! :grinning:

So you are making your custom style or it is based on existing style? How are you translating your version of realism to a simplified style with you tastes?

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Hey Ziggy :smiley: I always run into you when i come back here xD

I’ve spent some time recently trying to learn to draw again. Watching lots of tutorials on youtube on drawing and character design. I wasn’t sure what my ‘style’ is? or what i want it to be?
I looked at some pictures of characters of different level’s of chibi in a way based on how many heads tall the character is. I chose about 3 1/2 heads tall for this. I was inspired by the overworld models of characters from pokemon x and y but i did try and do my best to keep it my own as i drew.
I’m enjoying simplifying things and i’ve been messing with different ways of using the ramping feature on materials to make a softer look and i think i found a way to allude to an outline using just materials rather than freestyle or edge post processing im excited about :slight_smile:

I just wish i could get over my mental wall that tells me what i make is never good enough.
recently i went back to the last model i made to remember ho wi did something on it and couldn’t help but stare at it and wonder if it was better than what i’m doing now?

It’s always so tough to look at my creation and decide what is right and when it’s completed.

(example with the shading, also i made a quick body but i really need to re do it with more attention)

(the last thing that i made…idk i just like the nose on this one alot for some reason… or maybe that it’s a bit more ‘real’ than what i made this time around… it’s so hard to choose what i want T-T )

Well… I’m starting to get real confused… i was really liking it. tried to add the body and liked it even less… then i thought it just needs some clothes… so i gave it the armor in the drawing vaguely…

But something…
something can’t stop jabbing at me about the face… I can’t look at it and imagine it moving or making emotion… i can’t imagine feeling like i could connect with this thing and it’s story.
I’m trying to look at 3d animated kid shows from Tv and try and figure out what they have that i don’t… i see they have better eyes, somewhat more complex hair textures or shape… lips (i can never figure out lips) their mouth strecthes across the face perfectly as they smile where as mine are always choppy and squished and nightmare ish…

I want the characters to look endearing and inviting… and i’m having such a hard time accomplishing that.
Please tell me if i’m wrong.
if you can look him in the eye and see him laugh, get angry, feel stressed, or sleep funny… basically be alive…
Let me know.
I probably need to break his hair into thicker and more pieces of shapes though.

Right now He looks Sad.
So some happy coloring and putting happy neutral expression would help that.

Here is experiment for you why don’t you go look up some colorful armor concepts and then steal some colors :stuck_out_tongue:

Also look at chibi’s and study their color themes.