Stylized Particle Animation - video tutorial

Hey guys! Although this was already featured on BlenderNation I thought I’d post my tutorial here too. I never know how well I present stuff in my video tutorials so I’d appreciate some feedback on it.

This tutorial will show you how to create animations like this: and

And it will cover:

  • Emitters
  • the Particle Effect
  • Particle settings
  • basic animation
  • Halo Materials
  • Keyframing the material settings

Click here to download the tutorial:

Quicktime format, 10 mb, 14 minutes.

Thanks for watching! Suggestions, comments, and crits welcome. Hope it proves useful to some of you.


Great great great tutorial!

I have not achieved such beautiful results as you did… :slight_smile:
This may help me in another project I have, where I would use also the time IPO to freeze the particle animation at some stage.

really a good tutorial, thanks

nice tut, and even nicer animations!

You can make some realy cool/ psychadelic stuff with that.

Those are my results! thanks for that tut, man.

Could you make a pdf or html version of it?

another vote for pdf/html version.

Great tut and very easy to follow

Here is my results
its the .blend file the .movwas to big to upload/download (148mb)

enjoy :slight_smile:

use divx it will help a lot

those are some very cool results!
my result

Thanks, Colin. it was a year ago since i learnt the stuff you taught us and now I’m coming back to re-learn it again. yay. forgot it. Thanks so much for the effort. thanks

@_@ , wow … that is amazing
thanks :slight_smile:
can you post a blend ?

I was just thinking that a Divx verson would be good. Becasue I could not get it to run in quicktime
I had to use VLC. I also vote for a pdf verson or at least a printable html version