Stylized Procedural Caustics

Hey guys I’m currently trying to make a procedural setup for some caustics, I feel like I’m getting close but still not quite as stylized as I was hoping for… I think the most obvious difference at the moment is the line thickness, does anyone know of a potential node that could add some varation to these like the last image?

Here’s my current setup thanks to polyfjord’s tutorial on youtube:

Here’s what I’m going for:

Would also be cool to maybe have some colour variation within the lines/blobs if that makes sense, kind of like a voronoi… any help would be greatly appreciated ty! :))

Came up with this with a little help from @Secrop :

Since this node tree does not fear god nor reason, here’s the blend file so you can put it in your ALL NEW asset browser (<3) and start playing with it.

Watercausticsstylized.blend (992.8 KB)

You could smooth out the noise texture on the blue gradients a bit but you’d have to copy the entire vector tree again for a version with smoother noise textures since it’s also used for the white lines and… the tree was big enough already :stuck_out_tongue:

Note how:

I used a set of separate/combine xyz nodes to sneak in noise texture values before the vector input of the voronois (upper part), to make the voronoi lines wiggly. That’s basically the whole deal.

hope this helps, happy blending!


Dude! wowww! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: all I can say is they don’t call you Kaustik for nothing haha
But seriously this is amazing thank you so much, I’ve just had a play around with it and it’s exactly what I was looking for… even has the little yellow spots in the lines!! Genius!

:pray: :pray:


Hahaha good call on the name :smiley:

sadly, this breaks eevee because the shader is too complex. just when i connected the final node, it went infinity mirror on me

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wait a second… are you the guy who just did a youtube tutorial on ghibli style scenes in blender??

i loved that <3

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