Stylized room


I was working on this Image for the last few months. I would love to get some advise on how to improve the Image, especially the composition, because it doesn’t feel right. The bed is Supposed to be the main Focus of the image.


I am not an expert but maybe extra DOF could emphasise the subject more.

Yeah, i tried it, but i think the background gets to blurry

Honestly, I think this is a really great job! The light from the window certainly draws my eyes to the bed. The composition is fine, but maybe have a higher angle so we can see more of the bed? It really depends on what this is for and the function of the shot.

Thanks! Yeah that might be an idea. Its supposed to be for a trailer for my new mobile game

When I saw the thumbnail and then the larger image, my eye was immediately drawn to the telescope. I’d put the telescope more to the left of frame, possibly also rotate it to point, not at aggressively, to the window.

Then also the window highlight, which I assume is the light source, doesn’t fill the window frame but more importantly it is the brightest thing in the composition drawing the eye. I’d rather loose that direct highlight light source and possibly see about adding outside elements, in my minds eye I’m seeing the edge of a brick wall, almost as if the window is on the inside corner of a house, with blue sky edging and filling the rest of the window.

I’d also also try and get a backlit highlight on the edge of the bed foot-end which will help draw the eye from the window to the bed.