Stylized Van Helsing

Saw 2004’s Van Helsing again after a really long time and got inspired to do this. I love the movie theme, the props, the ideas, the whole package. It was also funny to watch it now that I live in the Czech Republic… as I recognized every second location since the whole freaking movie was shot here.

This is my character:

I have had some time to get into different programs, so this is my first project using more industry standard packages. I used Marvelous Designer for all clothes, Zbrush for high frequency details, Painter for lookdev and Blender for all hard surface modeling, head sculpting, grooming, rigging. lightning and rendering.

These are the props:



The models and textures look fantastic, but I think there’s a light issue with his pose. Holding that crossbow like this would be extremely uncomfortable: the bow would be pulling down quite a bit. I imagine the muscles in his upper right arm would be getting quite stiff from the effort. Still, this is more a presentation question. Great job!


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Love the style, very cool

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can i ask you how do you’ve made such clean render of your character … do you’ve used a a high sample or used any kind of filter for this images? it looks great!

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Thanks for the opinion and for the comment, I did have some trouble chosing the position of that arm :smiley: but now you said, as you mentioned I could lower it a little, maybe it would be more natural to turn the arm so the crossbow is pulling outwards :blush: thanks!

@bartv Hello Bart! thanks very much, I appreciate it!

@Egan_T_Guenthers Hi Egan :slight_smile: yes I used a high sample value, all renders of the character were rendered at 2000 samples + denoiser. Also I did some sharpening in Photoshop (which everybody should do…) but it is important to know that the more samples the better it is going to look after sharpening.


thanks a lot… ah… okay… u’ve used the denoise function… i’m still seaking a way to increase the image quality of my movie project, that’s why i ask. but i can’t use the denoise for a animation, it looks strange somehow. thanks a lot in advance and please keep doing your awesome work!

oh, yes if you want to use it for animation it worsk a bit differently, I suggest you take a look into it. I saw a video somewhere about it but I dont remember the name, if I find it I will send it to you.

It is ok to use denoise for animation but it works differently - usually if you do it straight with default settings you will get some weird light artifacts, so it is good to render without denoiser. I think you have to also set some noise seed so the effect disspaears. But for example at the Blender’s Spring presentation, they used denoiser in post for the whole movie. As I am aware pixar and dreamworks use it too. It is just a matter of finding the right workflow :blush: problably doesnt mean you can get away with low samples, but it does mean that you dont have to go crazy high for crisp images

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thanks a lot for oyur answer! i’ll search too

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

My man you have some serious talent keep it up!

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Great work, congrats.

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This is exceptionally well done! Time to start my Marvelous Designer Journey!!!

This looks really nice!

…what does the Chinese embossing mean?