Styriam Clipboard Paster

On behalf of Styriam sp. z o.o. I would like to present Styriam Clipboard Paster addon.

Paste images directly into 3D Viewport, Image Editor or Node Editor!

This addon works only in Windows.

Clipboard Paster lets you:

  • Paste image into 3D Viewport (plane or reference), Image Editor or Node Editor
  • Replace image pixel data in place with image from clipboard (as long as dimensions are unchanged)
  • Replace Image Node with new image (create new data block)
  • Configurable default saving options: pack, save on disk or do nothing.
  • Alpha channel support

Maybe it will get ability to copy images from Blender to clipboard in future :wink:

Styriam Clipboard Paster on BlenderMarket
Styriam on Facebook
Styriam website

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Very interesting. As a mac user, I would like to ask you if it is possible to make the addon compatible for mac?

@Jelleeeey It is possible that mac compatible version will be released soon, so keep an eye on this topic.

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Styriam Clipboard Paster just got a big update:

  • Improved pasting speed (up to 10x faster)
  • Better alpha channel support (PNG with alpha, DIBs with alpha)
  • More supported clipboard formats: PNG, CF_DIBV5, CF_DIB, CF_BITMAP, CF_HDROP, SVG, text
  • Pasting files from directory folder if files are supported by blender
  • SVG pasting
  • Pasting text as a Text object
  • UX improvements: pasting from context menu, keyboard shortcuts

This version of the addon is meant to bring the best performance as possible and the widest alpha support across other programs as possible.

Look how easy it is to use texture painting with stencils using Clipboard Paster: