Styriam Toolty - animation, UV, node, lighting, rigid body tools

On behalf of Styriam sp. z o.o. I would like to present Styriam Toolty addon.

Have you ever been stuck in mundane, complex but repetitive tasks asking yourself why could not they be reduced just to a button click? We have and we’ve decided to do something about it! We prepared a collection of simple to use tools that will focus on increasing your productivity in particular areas like animation, simulation and lighting.

Automate animating characters picking up or handing over objects. This operator tries to insert necessary keyframes and generate Child Of constraints.
In contrast to other addons, Picker streamlines management of constraints and keyframes to just one button, even when rigid body simulation is involved.

Rigid Body Helpers
Automate inserting keyframes of kinematic property or render/viewport visibility for many objects at once.

Keyframe Custom Property
Insert keyframe to any animatable property via python data path.

Isolate Light
Isolate selected light or mesh light with respect to lights and objects that are already hidden.

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Toolty just got its first update, version 1.1.0.

New big tools were added:

  • Quick Cache - system to insert and bake cache node without re-rendering whole scene.
  • Converting File Output node to Image input and vice-versa.
  • Running compositing nodes without re-rendering scene.
  • Picker Parenting Panel to manage all Child Of constraints.

Styriam Toolty 1.1.1 released:

  • Fixed: exception when Isolate Light stumbles across empty material slot

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HI,I have purchased your addon and Its so cool.
But I’m having this problem with it,

Is it possible to fix this?
many thanks in advance :smiley:

Hi Krysman,
Can you post some blend file how it’s made?

blend file is attached.
rosethorn.blend (4.7 MB)
thank you

Unfortunatelly, this issue is on the side of FREEIK addon. Adding inverse kinematic constraint breaks it and I can’t help it.

FREEIK’s author wrote that taking Blender constraints into account is planned for future updates (I myself am counting on it :slight_smile: )

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Toolty was updated to version 1.2.0. This version provides both new features and quality of life changes.

  • Scan Utils: Fill Selection Holes, Constrain Selection to Linked Active
  • UV Utils: UV Stats, Fill to Density
  • Compositing nodes can be run for scene’s frame range (e.g. run file output node for multiple frames at once)
  • Improved baking of multi-frame cache node. Baking no longer hungs up the interface and can be stopped by hitting ESC.
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