Su-35 Super Flanker

(Falk) #1

I started this morning… morning where I live:D

Coments are welcome

I got inspired because auntil the end of the month the gov. will decide wich is going to be the new fighter for the FAB (Força Aérea Brasileira - Brazilian Air Force), and the Su-35 is one of the two that might win (the other is Mirrage 2000BR)

(ray_theway) #2

Wow- good modelling job :o
/me drools over keyboard
I’m a Su-35 fan too. The modelling looks very accurate, but have you thought of using Set Smooth on the body? It should make the curves - especially wings and canards - look reeeallly smooth.
Can’t wait to see the finished one!

(Falk) #3

I didn’t save the image with smooth on, because the image get’s very ugly (if I save what is on the viewport

But later I’ll show a rendered pic

(Nayman) #4

looks very much like the su 35

gonna have thrust vector?>