Sub Surf additions

I’ve been learning subsurf, but I’ve got a little question. How do you add segments? Let’s say I’ve got a subsurf sphere, and then want to add another one that’s cube-ish. Can I combine those so that the verticies interact as if I had created them at the same time? When I do a CNT+J, they don’t really interact as if they were made at the same time, but seem to just sit on top of one another. Does that make sense?
I’d like to add them to one another AS IF I had extruded one from another in the first stages of modeling.

you need a boolean operation which can be found in blender publisher 2,25 but even then they are very messy! i would try to find a way to just model what you want from the begining and avoid such an intersection.

When you join two meshes the final result keep the faces in the joined section, so if you turn it on subsurface you see strange results. All you have to do is DELETE the hidden faces: you don’t need them.
Sorry for my bad english.


If you turn sub surf off temporary and then join your objects together you should find it a bit easier. However for subsurf to work to two objects still need to be as one. What I usually do is just select the vertices near the join and delete all of the faces, and then manually created faces by hand to join the two objects together (I don’t know if that’s the best way, it’s just how I do it).
Then I turn subsurf back on.

However, if you just want to make it as if if was extruding in the first place. Turn off subsurf, extrude what you wanted to extrude, and then turn subsurf back on?

Does this help??

Basically what I switch off subsurf before I do any editing on the mesh, and then turn it back on after.

I don’t know if these are the best ways to do it though, it’s just what works for me.

Oh yeah, doesn’t anybody know how to add weights to subsurf vertices??

I’m still kind of confused about what was asked… Are you making a subsurf sphere, then adding a cube next to it?

If you want both pieces to be joined, you need to join the mesh and then create faces between the two. Four-vertex quads are best.

Does that help?

Here’s what I’d like to do specifically- Lets’s say I model a cool head for my character, but then I realize I forgot to add the neck. So, I model a tube, but want to add it to the base of my subsurf head, but also make it look nice-n-smooth. Perhaps a primary question is- are your characters 1 big mesh, or several (do I even need to combine the neck to the head)? It seems they need to be connected to move right, and thus my question.

I think the manner of how you create characters is purely driven by personal preference. I for one like single-mesh objects for some projects, but when it comes to others I like having an object for each arm, leg, neck, etc.

Luckily, since blender has armatures and IK you can make your own decision on weapon of choice. :wink:

However, for heads and necks, I generally keep it all as one part. Don’t bother adding a cylinder. Just delete the faces where the neck would connect to the head, select the vertices, and extrude down. Much easier.