Sub Surf in 2.40? (total noob question)

Hi, im really new to blender, ive watched alot of video tutorials (mainly from GreyBeard). But in mostly all of the videos he uses SubSurfs on his models which i realize is pretty important. But since the video was made in blender2.34 and i use 2.40 the subsurf button isnt where it is on the video. So uh, where is it on 2.40? :expressionless: sorry for the noobie question. But thanks in advanced for the help. :slight_smile:

Add it as as Modifier to your mesh in the Editing (F9) context, Modifiers tab.

try to use β€œsearch” :wink:

:-? er, oops. I guess that didnt occur to me. But thanks :D. I really like these forums by the way, nice community.