Sub surf modifier giving odd result help!

hey guys im making this house in blender and when i add the Subsurf modifier it gives me this odd result any hlep would be greatly appreciated! im new to blender!

witch just subsurf:

With subsurf and smooth shade:

No subsurf or smooth shade:

That is normal because the geometry does not have enough details. Basically this model is not suitable for subdividing this way. Take a look into Edge Creasing (Shift E ) to control the sharpness of the subdivision operator.

Hey thaks means a lot! How do I add enough detail to subdivide this I’m new so still little not clear

Huge n-gons (faces with more then 4 sides like the wall, windows etc.) in general don’t do well with subdivision. You could start cutting edges to create quads manually, but that would be pretty time consuming.
Maybe check out the chair tutorial by Blender Guru by blender guru to get some intuition for how to use subdivision.

Why exactly do you wanna subdivide the model? What’s the goal? Maybe it can be done another way that doesn’t require a lot of manual adjustments and subdiv.

I need to make it high polly as this house is close to the cam and I also intend to add a brick texture with displacement on it hence need the geometry this is so hard :sob::joy: