Sub-surf to mesh

(Bandoler) #1

I hava a low-poly model and activating subsurfs with a level of 2, i get a very nice rounded shape. How can i turn this into a real mesh, so i can work with this as with low-poly mesh?

Actually i want to export the rounded model into a VRML file, but only the low-poly model is exported.

Thanks in advance


P.S. I’ve been unable to find the answer in the Knowledge Base.

(BgDM) #2
  1. Right click on your mesh so it is that nice purple/blue colour.
  2. Then press “ALT+C”
  3. Pop up window appears asking to convert to mesh, click on this window to execute command.
  4. Press ‘x’ to delete highlighted sub-d mesh and leave standard mesh object.
  5. Export to VRML at your pleasure.


(Bandoler) #3

Thank you very much.