Sub Surf

Why don’t I have a Subsurf button. It isn’t on my panel. Does anyone know why it isn’t there and how to get it back. Can’t do anything without.


Moz (=NOOB)

If you are using 2.40 then it is no longer on that panel and is a modifier which you need to add. I am not using that version yet but the documentation has been updated on the wiki to reflect this now.

edit: I don’t think it is there in the docs now I have looked, but look for the option to add a modifier. I can’t tell you where exactly you do that until I upgrade but do a search on this blender-general section for my username and you should find someone answering it for me a while back! I went back to the older version as it’s more in line with the tutorials that are in the docs. You are not doing the gingerbread man tutorial by any chance are you?

No I’ve skipped that tutorial. I’m trying to make a pond for my chessboard. Besides you need SubSurf for almost everything. I do anyway. I’ll try looking for it in the morning. Right now I need to sleep.


You can add subsurf from the new panel used for modifiers in 2.40. Simply go into edit mode and you should see the panel for adding modifers.

Hope this helps!


Haha… Right when I got this I pretty much panicked at the fact there was no SubSurf option. It’s kind of confusing now…

Does this mean that you can now assign SubSurf to specific meshes? Because that would be great.

I dont really see the advantage of this…this ‘modifier stuff’.But that’s probably because I’m used to version 237.