Sub Zero

Hey all just popping in to show my current work, as my favorite character of Mortal Kombat, i had to have a crack at him, this is basically a character study over 3 days to give myself some more experience in all aspects character creation and animation, learnt a lot from making him. He began a while ago but stopped due to work, i only had half a mask, so 3 days ago i took it up to continiue the project and make him a fully animatable character. As of now i have just finished rigging him and had a few little tests of his posing ( and little sleep >_< ), he is just over 40,000 vertices and all clothing details are mesh, there are no displacment maps. (rig test) ( neautral renders)

Here are afew pure renders, hope you like, ill have a test animation up before i go to sleep tonight, until then, peace out! =D

wow cant wait to see the animation

Excellent work! :slight_smile: The upper arm looks a little strange IMO. Apart from that I think it’s great. I will be looking forward to the animation. :smiley:

Go, Go lohnny Go Go Go!

Sweet man, very cool. the upper arms bother me a bit…
the blurring of the arms in the thumbnail is cool too, especially if you blur the arms ONLY.


wow this is really good, i wish i could so something like that


Dude, you amaze me every time. Great work.


The modelling is absolutely fantastic, I love the exaggeration. Well he looks a bit like when I wake up and look into the mirror, but :wink:

I imagine it would also look cool if the first pose was a bit exaggerated too. Lower him, make him more, erm, prepared to beat the sh*t out of anyone :wink:

I’m a total fan of this charater. Lemme repeat myself, great modelling, nice materials, well lit.


Awesome model, wish i could crank them out as fast and as good as you do. You should see the “simple creature” i just modeled for my first assignment in XSI, im sure the blender community would be very disapointed… :wink: Blender is so much easier for me to use and XSI seems so daunting and hard… But bla bla bla…

Great work my friend, its always an inspiration to see your work. Hope the job is going good and that your having heaps of fun down under there… :wink: Talk to you later my friend!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Man, that looks really awesome! Can´t wait for the animation!

I like! I like! proportions are excellent,…great texturing,…material setting are perfect. ( no spec ) I give it three bananas and a pound of columbian java.

great, great work! [!]
would you be willing to put a wireframe shot up? I’m working on and off on a model of Darth Maul, so it would be useful to know how to do clothing folds best…

thanks, and once again, superb job!

  • Bentagon

Thats insane. Perfect lighting and modelling, textures look really cool too. I can see it now: Lohn C’s character modelling tut… :wink:

Awesome job, truely amazing. I think your muscle placement is off on the arm. The forearm needs to twist so it faces into the body or the bicep needs to be twisted out facing the camera. cant wait for anim.

Some of the best character modeling Ive seen on this fourm.
But one questions why put so much time into creating a character that already exists, and is unorigianl. When you could have spent all that time making your own original character.
Either way I really think this is some wonderful work.

I am very impressed! All details mesh? including his muscles and veins? Wow!!! :o :slight_smile:
seriosuly that looks amazing, and subzero rocked! the best fights, IMO, were subzero vs. scorpion! that would make a wicked animation. Or maybe just subzero shooting some ice! :wink:

:o - nice muscles, but a little overdone :wink:

thanks everyone for your modivating replies! they mean a lot!

three-dee: yeah the upper arm is the popular crit at the moment, all i can say is im still learning, almost 3 years at cg now and it seems i will be learning till i die, but i learnt a lot in this study epsecially on anatomic modelling, so i hope my next try will be much better. I tried for a more stylised look this round but it seems i am still finding my ground on modelling, its not my strong point compared to my animation. Thanks for your reply.

jimmac: ah yes in this demo pose i wanted somethign a bit more natural, not so caustious, just alert, if it were too exadurrated i didnt think the model would be shown so clearly, in animation i will hold no limits to exageration. thanks for your kind words =D

Bapsis: hey dude good to see your still around! hope everything is going well for you, thanks for taking the time out to post 8)

Bentagon: definately, ill gather them up while im working and put them up next reply =)

uli: a tutorial hahah, i think so i when i have enough time ive been wanting to make one :Z

Nitefyre: yeah due to the shortest of time i had breaking from work, i couldnt spend so much time on it that it lowered the standard of the rest of the model due to lack of time, but as i said above i am constantly learning and i hope soon i can have the time and skills to make a muscular arm with accuracy.

Wu: thankyou your compliment is a huge honor! as for your question it is a very wise one, and i agree about you 100% that origional characters are by far the best. The reason i have recreated an already made character was for several reasons. At the moment i am working with an Aussie based team to make a Blended film for Siggraph 05, im the main cg guy and the needs for characters are high, at the moment i have been creating conept art for the origional characters for this film, and was needing to do this CG study to gain more experience in this field, thus due to the limited time it would take to make another origional concept just for this i decided to make a character there was already reference for. This meant that i could concentrate purely on the work at hand (in blender methods), this is one of the few times i create an unorigional character, but my learnings from it bring me the skills to give greater detail to an origional character(s) which will be made in the future, thanks for pointing it out though imo this should only be considered a educational character for what future modelling and texturing lies ahead.

Gr8RedShark: thanks man, yeah my 2nd in line is definately Scorpion, both designs i like, though i think ill keep him at test animation level, the work im doing now my client requires 20 hours of character animation of 2 characters so i think my animation will be spent on that, as well as this film project which will have my full attention throughout the later part of this year. You actually read my mind about the shooting of ice that was my idea for the test animation ill try and get it oiut as soon as possible.

Thanks again for so many warm replies and criqitue

Peace Out!

Damn, Lohnc, your Sub-zero looks really cool. I really love the texturting, very painting like.

You just amaze me.

hmmm, I still think those hands look a bit strange, especially on the wrist.
it’s like they would be belong to another person…


:o mmm fluid modelling, don’t know if the loop is done well thought…
light is simple but well done.
texture is amazing, is it uv? sure you have a trick to get a fluid aspect in that short time.

i have to be more fluid in my work as you, i’m hopefully waiting the book 2.3 for a good practice session.
keep on blending stuff like that :wink: