Subaru Impreza WRC, comments please

(scrappy) #1

well, since everyone on here is making some type of car, i thought i’d give it a try…so here it is, my attempt at a 99’ Subaru Impreza WRC , any suggestions or comments are welcome…

(BgDM) #2

“The Page Can Not Be Found”

I tried to copy and paste the link and also tried the start page of your link with the same result.


(Ecks) #3

I love it! Some day ago I was trying to make some good car but…
If you want to see what is my best work go check the topic

“Blender Works!”

(blengine) #4

very good! the front end is a bit sketchy, but the rest is perfect :smiley:

(BgDM) #5

OK, link works now! Nice job. I agree with gramps on the front end. Other than that, it is bang on!


(rogerm3d) #6

Cool car. Front end is wrong looking mainly the head/fog lights on it.
Might be too low to race street but thats an opinion.
Aside from that pretty good. 8)

(scrappy) #7

yea, i agree with the front end bit too, i was having alittle trouble with it, and i tried remaking it about 5 times…but i might try again being that it seems to be the problem…thanx alot for the comments, i love feedback