My first ever model with Blender. (was using 3ds Max before). Critics are welcome.

P.S. sorry for my English … not my original language


Looking good :).

Looks right so far. I’d like to see a wireframe when you’re ready to post one.

Some update on the front and wireframe


update…front grill


Very good. The wireframe shows a lot of attention to your modeling.

thanks, just trying to make it right at the beginning. Then it will be easier work on details…


some updates on the car… I’m doing this car for myself in free time, so the process doesn’t going too fast… ))


Very beautiful model.

ok, here’s front lights…


more updates…rear lights and wheels…

What do you think, guys?


wow that’s very impressive! Good job!

the model looks really good :slight_smile: you are using edge split modifier?

yes, edge split on the tires.

would like to try rendering this in my octane renderer, if you would be willing to send me the blend file? completely understand if no.

Nice looking model.

Great job. Especially the lights.:wink:

Could you please post a close-up of the rear lights? What is the subdiv-level and how many polys do you have on the whole car?

some Hi-res renders …

Thank you. This is really impressive. I can’t wait to see the render with materials and lighting. Good job!

ok, me again ))

Almost done with exterior, just some places needs to be fixed, also I’m thinking change the tires… so here’s the pics…tell me what do you think guys :slight_smile:


This is fantastic work!

Really great job man, it’s a source of inspiration for me so thank you :slight_smile: