Subaru Nakajima Practice Model

Hello all, I’ve been working on a model of Subaru Nakajima from MGLN for the past few months, because I am a newbie and whatnot, and well. It’s been going pretty okay, though I’ve run into a lot of problems. While I’ll probably sideline it and work on something else, it’s… kind of like a work in progress! Certainly not a finished work. I’ll come back to this particular subject in the future, anyways.

However, while it may not be objectively all that impressive, I’m proud of my progress. Maybe not concrit per say, but tips (by which I mean, like… how to do this better) are welcome.

Mandatory Triple Ortho

More Incoming. Three Attachment Limit and Whatnot.


Overall perspective shot. Doesn’t look bad from here. The clothes are a little too shiny. I was going for maybe a nylon-ish, but A: I overshot, and B: I probably should have went with something thicker. Pretty cool, though.

Close up on face, now with eyebrows! Still looking a bit stoned… which is probably the result of lack of proper expression, or something.

Back of the head, showing off ribbon. A bit of clipping with the hair. Hair is also not cloth simulated because ow. I will probably not be using this particular hair creation method (bezier curves) in the future.

Next Up: Some details

Mach Caliber. Pretty decent, I think. I don’t know why I partially rigged the toes underneath, since they’ll basically never be used.

Underside. You can see the brace mechanism here a bit better. Hasn’t been rigged yet, I’m hoping to do so, make it move a bit. Maybe.

Revolver Knuckle. The armature on the glove, sadly, involves some bending of pieces that probably should be rigid. I’ll have to look up how to rig armor. Still not entirely sure where cartridges go in.

Last one, I promise.
(For now, anyways)

Left hand close up. The inside of the ‘air intake’ is a bit rough due to solidify doing wicked things. But it looks okay. Sausage fingers aside.

Waist. This is what made me pause in frustration. Both the pants and the faulds are extremely… shifty. Trying to rig them properly has been exceedingly troublesome. Again, I’ll have to look up some tutorials on rigging armor. Or try a mesh deform? My WIGGLETUBE experiment worked okay.

I now have a Sketchfab!

It didn’t like the materials, for some reason.