This is my entry for the weekend challenge.

I need some comments on the pic. I won’t change anything anymore about the background, because I simply won’t have the time, but if you see things about the model or the materials or about the lighting that bother you, please tell me.


Great looking car :slight_smile:

Only thing that bothers me is that the hood don’t look like it opens. But I don’t know much about cars, so maybe it does (or shouldn’t).

  1. pofo

I updated the picture and left the old one there too. Tell me whichone is the best.

the top one is better of course but i would have chosen an angle that would show more of the car. the upper part of the grill looks a little funny for some reason as well.

i like the top one better.

i’m impressed.
i like it very much!

it’s really good, quite nice modelling, but one thing that bothers me is the top of the… air intake? ramscoop? (the thing on top of the hood, not sure what it’s called) looks really thin, maybe it’s like that in real life but it seems too thin to me. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any door handles. Is this also another odd real life feature? I don’t know, but it’s another caveat in the model, for me. Good job though!