Subd and gizmos: getting the gizmo on the point rather than the cage

I’m tweaking a subd cage, with subd ON bc I need to see what I’m doing. Unfortunately, the gizmo, which would be quite handy, is at the point on the cage (ie, the actual underlaying mesh) rather than the more intuitive point on the subd surface.

Is there a way to get the gizmo “onto” the subd’d point rather than the actual location of the point on the cage? It would be lots more intuitive.

There isn’t. To achieve such would require Blender to somehow do a reverse of subdivision, e.g. to figure out how to transform original cage in order to achieve a transform you would apply to final subdivision. Blender doesn’t do that, and I don’t know if there’s even software that can do that.

But the sw obviously ‘knows’ where the point on the subd is, because it DRAWS that point. It can calculate the visual offset.

(trying to remember if this is possible in LWM…)

Yes, it knows where the point is, and it could draw a gizmo there. To what end? You use the gizmo for transform. Placing a gizmo there would imply that you’re transforming the subd result, which you can’t actually do.

So I could SEE what’s being affected. My zoom level is such that the gizmo is often FAR way from the highlighted subd point. IOW, when the point is highlighted, I can’t even SEE the gizmo.

The illustration is to show how far away the gizmo can get. In tight corners, it’s often off screen.

All 3d softwares are able to do that…

This is just a missing feature in blender…


Well, cool.