SubDiv Not Smooth? (Image Included)

I’m trying to model a hand. Below, you’ll see a thumb.

Note how the top part is curved, but the bottom part is tightly following the mesh. Why is that? I want it all smooth. What did I do wrong to make those vertices act differently?

I’ve only been using Blender for a few days, so bear with me. Any thoughts on where I should start looking to figure this out?


Assuming you closed the bottom, it’s most likely the result of too many vertices. See if you’ve got any double vertices, edge loops that are close together or an Edgesplit modifier.

In the Subsurf modifier’s panel, there’s a circle, the tooltip of which says ‘Apply modifier to editing cage during Editmode’. Clicking it might make it easier to see what’s wrong with your mesh here.

Thanks for the post! That fixed it.

I selected a “single” vertex in the problem spot and merged it. It removed a hidden vertex that I couldn’t see. I had apparently extruded, but then accidently not moved the extrusion away from the original point.

If you select a vertex, you can type ‘w’ to bring up a menu that includes ‘Merge’. Then choose ‘At Center’ and it will get rid of the hidden vertex without screwing up your faces.

I also just noticed that you can see how many vertices are selected in the top status bar. It says “Ve” and has a number after it. It seems to be the number of selected vertices. This can help diagnose whether you have hidden vertices.

Hope this helps someone in the future.


Very common mistake. Catches everyone out sometime or other.
I now always use ‘Rem Doubles’ in the Mesh Tools panel and then
perform CTRL+N 'Recalculate normals outside. Fixes most issues.

The remove doubles would have saved you alot of time manually
merging those verts.