subdiv versus multires

In writing a book on Blender (currently revision stage) I’ve used Sculpt mode and mesh editing in the “Modeling” chapter. I used the Multiresolution modifier because it works well with sculpt. However, one of my editors / critics is throwing their arms up in the air about my lack of mention of the Subdivision modifier.

Is there are reason I should specifically mention the subdiv modifier? What benefit does it have over multires for a beginner user?

subsurf is very important to do organic modelling
to get curvy shapes so yes it is important to mention it and give some examples

also don’t forget to mention the use of mirror to save time when able to use it

so you can subsurf or nurb surface with notch points to control the shape
but the new nurbs tools should come out in svn soon with a lot of new tools

and are you doing it for 2.5

may be should wait till we get the new texture paint and new tools for sculpting
being work in Gsoc projects

i mean theses will add a lot of features which we dont’ have right now!

happy 2.5

Yes - I am doing 2.5… publisher insists on it because 2.49 will be outdated so soon, so I just have to waork around what is available on 2.5 “as is”.

The book is all written, now is “revision” stage, although I only got a very short time (10 days) to do each of 12 chapters. Publisher put “Beginner” on the title, which I wish they hadn’t because I don’t see that attracting anyone who is into complex programs like Blender, and on one hand any time I explain one thing, they want me to explain all the alternative methods / buttons etc… while on the other hand, the minute I mention anything they are unfamiliar with (such as using nodes to tweak lightins) they go on the “not beginner” band wagon.

…still - I know subsurf is good, but given that I have already mentioned multiresolution… I’m wondering if there is any real reason to mention subsurf modifier. What can it do for a beginner that multires can’t?

it’s 2 ways of doing things

you can model organic things with mesh and add some subsurf
or you an use multires and the sculpt tool

or you could use nurbs but limited for time being

in any case i don’t think it’s time to get a book out
should wait another 3 to 6 months till 2,5 is really stable

but your the boss or writter

so it’s up to you

happy 2.5

From what I can tell:
-they both use the same subdivision methods
-subsurf can show the subdivision well when in edit mode, multires can’t
-multires can hold multiple levels and is made for scultping

Are they handling UVs differently?

by the way

2.5 is not really an officiel blender version
it’s only use as a transiton between 2.49 and 2.6

so 2.5 does not really exist as a blender version it’s more a working WIP to 2.6
so may be you should change you book title for 2.6 !

and with all the new features don’t think it will be out at minimum end of this year and not certain if New nurbs tools and B mesh will be completed so take your time !

think about it