Subdivide in 2.35 gives wrong result

I’m starting with the gingerbread man tutorial from the Blender manual. When I try to subdivide the cube it gives a different result as shown in the manual. Insted of dividing the face in smaller squares it divides it with a triangle inside de square face. Hitting the divide button several times in a row (just to see it’s effect) creates a large mess of triangular faces inside the outer square face. This is al with version 2.35. So I checked with version 2.33 that I still have installed also and there the subdivide acts on a cube as shown in the manual.

I gues there is some new feature in 2.35 that I need to take into consideration but I have no idea where to look.

Also, why are the buttons in the Mesh Tools panel all rearanged while (as far as I can see) there are no buttons changed. It seems to break compatibility with the manual (and probably other reference material) without any reason.

works fine here sure uv selected all verts before subdividing

and second question im not too sure of


For the first problem, my guess is you’ve tried to box select the cube in solid mode (Zkey). In 2.35, selection in solid mode is limited to front vertice only. You can turn this off by clicking the toggle button next to the selection modes (vertex, edge, face). That button is only visible in solid mode.


Maybe the ‘Beauty’ button in te mesh tools panel is pushed in. This might give triangles when you subdivide.

The Blender interface has been changed over the last few releases to make it better which is in my opinion a very good reason. And what software should be (or is) compatible with its manual and tutorials. I can’t come up with any…

Thanks for the quick replies.

Yep, that did it. Strange thing is that this is a new install with no changes made to it, so this ‘beauty’ button is set by default in a new install. Seems like a show-stopper for new users to me. But elysiun to the resque 8)
BTW, hitting the divide button with the beauty-button set (to check it’s behaviour) gave me yet a different result with the triangular vertices in other places then the first time. The result of that 'beauty’button seems a bit unpredictable.

The Blender interface has been changed over the last few releases to make it better which is in my opinion a very good reason.

I dont have any problems with new features that are not yet in the manual or functional redesign of the user interface. However in this case they are EXACTLY the same buttons but several of them in another place (rubiks cube mode :-?) so there is no new functionality added, the only change is that if you look at a screenshot in the manual you have to search on screen where the button went. Again, gui redesigns are logical when needed but why reposition the same buttons in the same panel. Well, when I get to work with them I probably discover why they are in another order, I’m sure there is some hidden logic behind it :smiley: