Subdivide multi-fractal problem

Has anyone else had any trouble with the subdivide multi fractal tool? It seems in the new version of blender it is all messed up. Compared to 2.41 the tool comes up with pretty poor results, messing a mesh up rather than doing a random subdivide to give a mesh a more natural/rumpled/crushed look.

What is the Number of Cuts and value of Rand fac.?

I made a test with a simple cube and 4 cuts. At Rand fac. of 10 it looked good while at 100 the mesh was all messed up.
I also did a test with 15 cuts and it looked messed up at Rand fac. 10, while it looked ok at Rand fac. 3. It might be just the problem of some values.

I think the mesh I was using wasn’t right for the command. I did some further tests and everything seems in order. Now I feel like a dope!:smiley: