Subdivide newest cut tool?

How can you work with this new tool ?

W-Key Multidivide

if you need horizontal edges
or triangular ?

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what do you mean?

If you look on the WEB page giving the summary for the new features for the 2.4

there is this subdivide improvement

but it does not say how to use it

well you can subdivide any given face/edge, and more options will show up. Example: select a single edge of the default 8 vert cube and do a subdivide multi, with 8 cuts. You will end up with 10 verts total along that edge (8 new verts) with an edge going to the next closest vert to make the face manifold.
Do this to a face, and you get a grid (I did it with a multicut of 4). Play around…it’s really quite nice especially when you don’t want to cut something in half, then those segments in half again - if you select even numbers for your cuts, things end up smoother.
Basically it just gives you a little more control.