subdivide round


So I have a plane an i subdivide it a couple of times to make some changes to the shape, but afterwards I want to make it look more round so i use subsurf for it but it seems that by the many subdividings (<- Is this the right word? :p) the subsurf is not very effective.
Help please, Thanks

please post a picture of what you’re trying to achieve.

You might wanna start by making the basic shape, then adding more detail. Having a lot of vertices will affect subsurf, and you won’t get as round shapes as you would with fewer vertices.
This is where the meaning of edge-loops comes in.

I wouldn’t recommend ever rounding an edge that way, it’s just plain wasteful. You should just use the bevel tool on the edges ( w -> bevel ).

If you really want to use the subsurf try deleting some edge loops.
Del -> EdgeLoop.
The more space inbetween verts the more curve you will get.
Also try PolyReducer Script.
Or it might just be easier to start over.
With the minimun amount of verts you need.

Just try W - Subdivide smooth. Or you can just use a circle with Fill enabled when you create it.